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How much do procedures cost?

Dental procedures vary greatly in cost depending on your needs. At Thomas Family Dentistry, if treatment is necessary, we offer every patient an individualized treatment plan that is based on their specific needs. We also may provide multiple treatment options to choose from if they are available.

We believe that patients should take charge of their own oral health and be able to select the treatment procedures that best fit their unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. We discuss the cost of treatment with you after your needs have been determined, and we will never start any procedure until your out-of-pocket costs and payment options are clearly understood.

We work with many different dental insurance plans. We are happy to help you understand what your specific insurance plan covers and what your out-of-pocket costs will be for treatment. We also offer options for monthly financing through CareCredit for patients who may have complex treatment plans. You can apply easily online through

We want high-quality dentistry to be accessible for all of our patients, so it’s our pleasure to work with you and help you determine how the treatment you need can comfortably fit into your budget. Contact Thomas Family Dentistry to learn more.

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